Helpful Hints

What you will find in this library

In this library you will find all the items you can download from DESTACO including images, videos, sales materials, presentations.

Over on our Marketing Hub, you can do the following: Order DESTACO Literature and Promotional Items to be shipped to you. If you are a part of our Sales Network you will also be able to Customize Emails, Catalogs, and Flyers with your company information on them. 

Below are a few ways you can search the library to find what you are looking for.

BY CATEGORY - We have set up the library in categories like product images, sales materials, videos, etc. If you are looking for items in a single category this way will work best for you.

BY KEYWORD - We have also tagged all our items in the library with a set of key words like product names, type of item, etc. If you are looking for all items for a certain product or topic, this way will work best for you.